Native Starter Pro With Backend

Looking for just the UI theme? Find it here

A 3 page theme: Login, SignUp and Dashboard, with Integrated Backend APIs

Start your mobile project with ready-to-use User Auth and Dashboard with backend integration (Express, Node, MongoDB & JWT).

Demo available

Native Starter Pro Node


Unlike the Native Starter Pro UI theme which has plenty of screens included, the backend theme has only three screens as shown in the GIF above, i.e. Login, SignUp and Dashboard.

  • Features

    • Uses Redux MobX for state management
    • Built upon Native Starter Pro-Seed
    • Well structured code
    • Easily customizable
    • Form validation using validate.js
    • Implemented with Sign up, Login screens
    • NativeBase components
    • Added ESlint rules, to clean the code patterns that don't adhere to certain style guidelines
  • Backend Integrated Native Starter Pro
  • Native Starter Pro With Backend
  • Backend Technologies

    • Node.js
    • MongoDB
    • REST API
    • JWT Login
    • ES6
    • Express
    • Passport for authentication

Directory Structure

  • Frontend

  • Backend


  • Use NavigationExperimental
  • Add Email Integration using SMTP
  • Send out “Welcome email” when user signs up
  • Write back-end API to invoke reset password
  • Provide a Web page to reset password

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