Native Starter Pro

Looking for back-end implementation? Find it here

Lean and Complete React Native Starter Kit

Native Starter Pro is a beautifully designed iOS & Android React Native app source code to quickly get started on your next project.

Demo available

Native Starter Pro- Bootstrap of React Native
  • UI Features

    • Supports a wide range of Drawer styles
    • Highly customizable widgets
    • Add-on with forms, spinners, loading bars
    • Readily available screens
    • Ready to use Inbox and Compose screens
    • Subcategorized list of Contacts
    • Fast swiping feature of Calendar
    • Enormous set of UI Elements
    • Multiple Layout options
    • NativeBase components
  • UI components for Native Starter Pro- Bootstrap of React Native
  • native starter pro- bootstrap of react native colors
  • Customize it your way

    NativeBase provides separate file inclusive of color schemes for different sections. Customize theme and all your elements as you like.

  • And not to miss...

    • Power-packed with Redux, Codepush, NativeBase, Navigation Experimental
    • Single JavaScript code base for iOS & Android
    • Fascinated blend of React Native and ES6
    • No dependency in updating React Native
    • Having native UI gives it an edge over frameworks like Ionic
    • Easy Routing, just like web

    Charts aren’t integrated yet. Image is only meant for demonstration.
  • React Native BoilerPlate
  • Clean-slate kit included

    Along with the theme, you will get a BoilerPlate in the same package for an even finer workflow.

    The Boilerplate does not include all the components and styles. Start building your app using BoilerPlate by referring the Premium version for Components and Styles.

Ready to use screens

Fully customizable pages with everything you need from SignUp/Login, Inbox, Contacts to Settings and rich collection of UI elements.

Native Starter Pro- bootstrap of React Native screens and pages

Use Native Starter Pro and save development time

Known issues in the build

  • ProgressBarAndroid warnings (React-Native issue)


  • Move to the latest version of React Native
  • Move to the latest version of NativeBase
  • Chat Messenger

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