How can I use StrapMobile themes?

You can purchase the themes and we have detailed documentation with them. Just follow the instructions and get your app ready.

Can I edit, modify, resell StrapMobile themes?

You can modify and edit the themes for your own use but can not resell or distribute the same theme.

How easy is it to modify the themes?

You get the complete source code as well a Seed Version of the theme (BoilerPlate) and detailed documentation, support.

What if I purchased a wrong theme?

This is not reversible according to our policies. You will have to buy the theme again of your choice.

Can I get a refund?

StrapMobile will offer refunds only incase the item purchased is broken, malfunctioning or corrupt, or doesn’t work as described.

What is Gitstrap?

Gitstrap is our own hosting of Gitlab where we host our StrapMobile repos. Once a user purchases our theme, we grant read access to the users, making it easier for them to sync back from the repo whenever there is an update and report issues directly on the dashboard to reach the author of theme. Users are provided with read only access and they can pull from master branch.

Why Gitstrap?

For better management of updates- You can use gitstrap-cli to easily sync with the upstream repositories whenever there is a new release. You can raise issues on GitStrap and see issues raised by other people.

Can I fork and work on my project and later sync with the repo?

Yes, using gitstrap sync.