React Native Dating App Theme With Backend

The ideal starter kit / app script with all the needed UI elements alongwith Redux, NativeBase, CodePush and backend integration (Express, Node, MongoDB and Cloudinary) to build your iOS and Android dating app

Demo available


This starter kit is supported with backend. However, you can purchase just the UI part at $100. View the Dating App UI theme.

  • All the screens you'd want!

    Fully customizable, ready-to-use screens for users with easily configurable application design, and the right UX for a Dating App.

    • Login
    • Discover new people
    • Matches
    • Chat
    • Profile
    • Profile with photo slider
    • Add a photo
    • Settings
  • React Native Dating App Theme
  • Backed with Strong Backend

    We have,

    • Node.js
    • Cloudinary
    • MongoDB
    • REST API
    • JWT Login
    • ES6
    • Express
    • Passport for authentication
  • Tinder like dating app with backend
  • React Native Dating App Theme
  • Lovable Features

    • Tinder like Swipe feature with NativeBase's Deck Swiper
    • Users can login via Facebook.
    • Profile data namely, Profile Picture, Gender, Age Range, First Name, Last Name and Email are fetched from the user's Facebook profile.
    • Fetching nearby users
    • Saving a vote, i.e., keeps a record of all the responses of a user while swiping a card( nearby user ), namely, like and dislike.
    • Fetching Matches: A match is formed only if two users swipe-right( like ) each other.
    • Theme specific features such as like, dislike and more
    • Power-packed with Redux, Codepush, NativeBase, Navigation Experimental
    • Single JavaScript code base for iOS & Android

  • Features
  • UI screens
  • Back-end integration

  • Login with Facebook

  • It's a Match

  • Home screen: Swipable user cards

  • User Profiles on home screen

  • Own user Profile

  • Profile with photo slider
  •   Expected by March '17

  • Edit profile
  •   Expected by March '17

  • Chat
  •   Expected by March '17

  • Settings
  • 'Search distance' and 'Logout' only

  • Perfectly native look and feel with React Native

    Eye soothing UI with awesomely smooth UX!

  • React Native Dating App Theme


  • Push notifications
  • Chat integration
  • Superlike functionality
  • Profile settings: gender, age preferences, delete account
  • Edit profile: Add photos, About you
  • Profile settings
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