React Native Flat App Theme

A fascinating React Native starter kit with flat UI design, Redux and NativeBase components for your iOS and Android application

Demo available

  • React Native Flat App Theme
  • Features

    • Power-packed with Redux, Codepush, NativeBase, Navigation Experimental
    • Single JavaScript code base for iOS & Android
    • Fascinated blend of React Native and ES6
    • Photo lightbox with carousel for images
    • BoilerPlate alongwith the main app theme
    • Having native UI gives it an edge over frameworks like Ionic
    • Easy Routing, just like web
  • Customize it your way

    NativeBase provides separate file inclusive of color schemes for different sections. Customize theme and all your elements as you like.

  • react native flat app
  • Create a captivating UX for your app's users

    The flat UI design adds an aesthetic touch to the native look and feel of React Native apps.

  • Flat App UI Design
  • React Native + Redux + CodePush +

    The perfect ingredient to a great app!

  • Flat App UI theme

Known issues in the build

  • ProgressBarAndroid warning.

We are actively working on the same and should be resolved in the next update.


  • Add video player
  • Move to the latest version of React Native
  • Move to the latest version of NativeBase

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