React Native Login Logout Animation

A simple two page app with fluid animation based on the Flat App design for iOS and Android application

Inspired by this Dribbble product

  • React Native Flat App Theme
  • Features

    • Available with screens - Login, Homepage & Sidebar
    • Ripple effect on tap
    • Scale-up transition on logout button on enter
    • Modular components includes AnimatedButton, AnimationOverlay, FloatingAnimatedButton
    • Fluent API on the components includes startAnimation() & stopAnimation()
  • Easy To Configure

    The animated app is highly configurable that includes the duration of animation and color of animation.

    Also it's easy to import to any React Native project.

  • react native animation
  • Directory Structure

  • Flat App Login Logout Directory Structure


  • More transitions coming
  • Add more pages
  • Add more animation
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